RTH Solutions Launches XBRL Foundation Training Course

RTH Solutions LLC is now offering the XBRL Foundation course and exam in an online format.

The XBRL Foundation certificate is an online training and testing program consisting of discrete modules that take learners progressively through a curriculum designed to provide a solid foundational knowledge of the XBRL specification and how to use it. Once completing the online training, candidates will take an online exam—a passing grade earns XBRL Foundation Certification from XBRL International (XII).

There are five learning modules in the XBRL Foundation course covering a broad range of topics, including a comparison of business reporting methods, the business requirements that drove the development of the XBRL Specification, the general architecture of XBRL, the specification’s main components and the basics of modeling for XBRL taxonomy development.

The certificate program was overseen by the XII Certification Board, a select group of experts well versed in the development and use of the standard. The training and exam were created in partnership with XBRL implementation consultants, the Business Reporting Advisory Group and ITpreneurs, a leading developer of highly innovative and advanced training solutions for IT best practices.

This course is ideal for business professionals who are responsible for implementing XBRL filing requirements, as well as non-technical people who would like to understand the basics of XBRL in order to understand the data communicated.

To learn more about RTH Solutions, please visit www.rthsolutions.com.

About XBRL International Inc.

XBRL International is a not-for-profit consortium of approximately 650 companies and agencies worldwide working together to build the XBRL language and promote and support its adoption. This collaborative effort began in 1998 and has produced a variety of specifications and taxonomies to support the goal of providing a standard, XML-based language for digitizing business reports.

About RTH Solutions

RTH Solutions is an innovative and rapidly growing service management consulting, staffing and training certified women-owned company. RTH Solutions provides clients with solutions utilizing industry best practices and the know-how to apply them to the clients business models.